Lipstick, Heels & a Baby: My New Ring
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My New Ring

Sunday, March 30

Several weeks back I wrote a blog post (here) that was not normal for me, but I feel like as a blogger it is my job to inform all of you lovely ladies of situations I go through with retailers, good and bad. As sad as it was to let my original engagement ring and wedding band go, it was worth it to Ryan and I to have a ring that we felt I could wear out without the pave stones popping out every few weeks! I went to 3 different local shops and 2 different larger known jewelry stores and decided to go with Reeds Jewelers and for good and thankful reason!
I walked in and was greeted by every person in the store and offered a drink. I don't know about you but I love any store or shop that offers you any kind of beverage. It makes me feel like they really appreciate my business and I love that!
I met with the manager of our store location and he laid out any and every diamond he had (some they had even brought in for other locations). All different sizes and all different clarities/cuts/colors. He also then had an assortment of settings from me to chose from. I knew exactly what I was looking for--basically a round solitaire with a halo and no diamonds on the shank or my wedding band. That made that process quick and easy! I chose the Forever Mark-Center of My Universe Setting . Then was the hard part! We probably looked at 10 different loose diamonds until we found the perfect Forever Mark center stone for my ring. The reason I chose Forever Mark is because they are taken account for from the moment that they come out of the ground. They know every single person who has touched them in the process and knows that each person was treated properly and with respect. They also have a serial number on them that if you look with their magnifier you can see, so no one will ever be able to switch out your diamond without you knowing-so to us it was worth the little extra to know we had a serial number and people were treated right and respectfully while finding our diamond.

I can not tell you all how perfect my ring is and how perfect my experience was with Reeds. They truly catered to me and took care of me! I also watched how they dealt with other customers while I was in there. Its always easy to be nice to someone when you know they are about to spend a lot of money in your store! They treated everyone that walked in and walked out even without purchasing with the same respect. They also helped entertain Braydon for me while I was looking at diamonds before my Ryan could get in there to pick out the final one!

I am so thankful the way that my situation turned around and we couldn't be happier. My wedding band is a 18k white gold solid band! I love the way it makes my diamond stand out so much more!!! So ladies, if you are in need of any fine jewelry and you have a Reeds near you--please go give them a try and you won't be sorry!!!! If you're in Destin-ask for Tim (he is the store manager!!!)

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