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Friday Five : Top 5 Nude Lips

Friday, October 21

You guys know I love me a nude lip. In fact it is the only lip color I wear. When I wear anything other than nude I get nervous about my gums showing when I smile (not sure why that bothers me with a darker lip) - but it does! Nude is not just one color tho. It comes in many shades, with so many different undertones. For today's five favorites on Fridays, I have rounded up my top 5 nude lips!

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Not exactly sure what type of nude is "your nude?" 
These sample collections are great for find your perfect nude!

Not So Sweater Weather

Tuesday, October 18

One of my most favorite pieces that I look forward to wearing every fall and winter are oversized sweaters. I love all the different ways they can be styled such as half tucked, tucked in the front, tucked completely in, belted, hanging free and loose; with jeans, skirts, leggings, and even shorts.

Shorts? Yes,  I have to be honest that shorts are not my most favorite piece to wear sweaters with but when you live in Florida and it is still 80 degrees outside but you are craving that sweater weather - you just make it work. Shorts and all.  

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5 Favorites on Fridays

Friday, October 14

Hi babes! Back again with my Friday Favorites!! Today I decided to talk about my five favorite trends for fall. Each of these I have already worn and talked about either on the blog or on instagram but I wanted to give you lots of options for each piece and trend of all price points! I hope you are loving these trends too!!
1.  Chokers

2. Leather Jackets

3. Blanket Scarves

4.  Over the Knee Boots

5.  Lace up Tops

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